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BCTV History - First In Vermont

In 1976 the town of Brattleboro created an advisory board to establish a public access entity. That board eventually became the Board of Directors of Brattleboro Community Television, the non-profit organization created to administer public access in Brattleboro. BCTV was granted channel 8 on the cable system, and became the first PEG access channel in Vermont.

 At this time, BCTV aired more locally produced shows than any other public access channel in the state. In 1990 Warner Cable took over responsibility for providing public access in Brattleboro rather than giving financial and technical support to BCTV. After a lengthy review, Vermont’s Public Service Board determined that Brattleboro public access should be returned to an independent organization. Channel 10 was added in 2003 to allow more room on the schedule for long government meetings.

BCTV held a contract with Adelphia Cable from 2000 to 2007, and is currently under contract with Comcast Cable to provide public access for the service territory. Currently there are 27 public access centers in Vermont.