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"Love BCTV" Live Auction 2013

Saturday, May 11 from Noon to 8 PM

on Comcast & Southern VT Cable channel 8

Call 441-5545 to bid or go to facebook.com/BCTV.Brattleboro

Winning bids: Click here to pay using your credit card.

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Click here for Block A Items open for bidding Noon - 2 PM only.

Click here for Block B Items open for bidding 2 - 3:45 PM only.

Click here for Block C Items open for bidding 3:45 - 6 PM only.

Click here for Block D Items open for bidding 6 - 7:50 PM only.


"The Big Board" - high value items open for bidding from Noon - 8 PM.

BIG BOARD: Item number, donor, description, value.
100. One Stop Country Pet Supply―37-gallon fish tank with hood, stand and canopy. Can be used for fish, lizards, hamsters or as a terrarium. Value:$350
101. Kathleen Hathaway―Antique oak "barrister" or expanding bookcase made by The Wernicke Company of Grand Rapids Michigan, circa 1887-1889. Includes a base, a top, and four sections with glass fronts. Value:$400


102. A Candle in the Night―6' Shesham Wood Bench with two pillows and Rope Breton Indoor/Outdoor rug. Value:$1033
103. Archer Mayor―Your name in his next book! No guarantee on what part you'll play — it could be the victim, the perp, or anyone in between.  Starting Bid $200. Value:$400
104. WKVT―Advertising package: 25 commercials on WKVT-FM Classic Hits 92.7 & 25 commercials on WKVT-AM 1490 (50 ads total). Value:$500
105. Friends of the Sun―Quilted "Spring Bay Stripe" hammock. Value:$222
106. Commonwealth Yogurt―One year's supply or 36 cases of locally-made yogurt. Value:$575