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Volunteer Opportunities for Producers

We encourage new producers to volunteer for BCTV productions to gain experience and familiarity with the equipment.

BCTV offers a variety of ways to foster your video skills by participating in cooperative productions, shooting concerts and performances in the field, editing unfinished productions, and plenty more. Put your knowledge to the test by following up our introductory classes with some hands on experience. Check out the Producer News blog for up-to-date listings.



While “excitement” may not be the first thing that municipal meetings bring to mind, BCTV’s in depth coverage has proved a dynamic, fast paced training ground for new and experienced producers. As one of three camera operators you’ll learn just what it takes to pull off a live production. Follow the action, pan, tilt, and dolly under the direction of our staff as they manage the production from up in our control booth.

Contact Vlasta by email: vlasta@brattleborotv.org



BCTV Open Studio is a roundtable interview program gives local non-profits a chance to discuss their upcoming events with WTSA’s Tim Johnson. Also a three camera shoot, Open Studios run for 30 minutes in a controlled studio setting making them a good alternative to Selectboard Meetings. Watch an episode of Open Studio here.

Contact Vlasta by email: vlasta@brattleborotv.org



BCTV works hard to pair volunteer producers with requests for coverage in the community. Check our Producer News blog to see if there are any upcoming events that fit your interest. From plays and concerts to fundraisers and lectures, there are plenty of opportunities for getting hands on with our Cameras while engaging in fun community events.

Contact Vlasta by email: vlasta@brattleborotv.org



If you want to get started with Final Cut Pro right away but don’t have footage of your own our staff can set you up with an “orphaned project.” With a substantial archive of uncompleted volunteer programs, we’ll have no trouble finding you a project that fits your interests. Experiment with the software, try out techniques and editing styles, and pick up ideas for your own projects down the road.

Contact Roland by email: Roland@brattleborotv.org



If you have an event that needs video coverage we’ll list it as a volunteer opportunity.

Submit a Request.