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Be On BCTV’s Open Studio

BCTV's "Open Studio" is a 30-minute moderated interview program in a roundtable format for nonprofit organizations who join BCTV as a member. Open Studio is recorded live at BCTV's studio in the Brattleboro Municipal Center.

The purpose of Open Studio is to give nonprofit organizations the opportunity to promote events or campaigns, and to raise awareness about the organization itself.  While representatives of for-profit businesses are welcome as panel participants, commercial messages are prohibited on BCTV. 

The finished program will be broadcast on BCTV two weeks after the taping, and will be shown several times over a two-week period.

This service is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Fill out an Application for Nonprofit Membership, and Request an Open Studio interview.

Open Studio details:

Contact BCTV at least a month in advance of the week you’d like to schedule the shoot, or 6 weeks prior to when you’d like it to be aired on BCTV.

Tim Johnson (WTSA Radio) volunteers as the moderator for most BCTV Open Studios, although organizations are welcome to provide their own.  To accommodate Tim’s schedule, many Open Studios are scheduled between 1-2 PM on weekdays. BCTV can also schedule an evening shoot, but most likely without Tim Johnson’s participation.

The roundtable format can accommodate up to four partcipants (plus moderator).

Give the participant’s names (and proper spelling) to BCTV staff.  Also, let us know if there are any items for display that you plan to use during the program. These include photographs, charts, graphs, or other handheld or displayed items as well as clips or pre-recorded video segments.

Tell on-camera participants to avoid wearing stripes or other intricate patterns, red, black or white.

On the day of the Open Studio shoot:

Please have all of the participants arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled shoot time.

The shoots generally last an hour.

If there is a second Open Studio scheduled that day, there will be a 15 minute break between shoots.

BCTV relies on volunteer camera operators for these programs. Sometimes we are unable to find a full camera crew, but the shoot proceeds with cameras that are locked in position.