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BCTV volunteers may be available to film an event.  If you would like to request a volunteer from BCTV to film your event, please fill out and submit the form below.

Expectations for Volunteer Producers

Please note that BCTV cannot guarantee that volunteer productions will meet professional broadcast standards or be completed in a timely manner. Volunteer producers must adhere to BCTV's Policies and Procedures, including:

  • If BCTV equipment is used to capture footage, the producer must submit a program using that footage to BCTV.
  • The producer must secure all releases of copyright, talent releases, etc. Please make sure that the subject agrees to the terms of the talent release form and  notify the producer in advance if you wish to to preview the program or footage prior to scheduling.
  • Anyone producing a program using BCTV equipment retains ownership of the copyright to that program, as well as responsibility for any copyright disputes that may arise. If you expect to receive a copy of the unedited video files, for example, you must make this arrangement with the producer in advance.

If you choose to seek professional coverage for your event, BCTV can provide information on video professionals in the area. 


Please let us know how long your event will be in hours (3 hours, for example). Note: You will be responsible for compensating volunteers for mini DV tapes at $4/hr.

Please provide a description of the event—the more details you provide the better coverage our volunteer can provide.

If you would like any text (including names of performers/speakers and their titles) included in the final program please describe them.

If you would like any images (such as logos, event posters, or brochures) included in the final program please send them to us by email or describe how you will otherwise provide them.

What other concerns should volunteers be aware of in planning to cover your event?

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