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Request a DVD Copy of a Program

DVD copies are available of programming created at BCTV. Staff will confirm by email whether copies are available of the program you've requested.

Please fill out and submit the following form to BCTV to request a DVD copy of the program in question.

To receive your DVD with the copy of the program requested you will need to send payment in the amount of $10 (for members only) or $20 (for non-BCTV members) to BCTV.  Payment options include cash (if hand-delivered to the BCTV offices), check, or online through PayPal.

Pickup or Mailing

You can pick up the DVD yourself at our offices (see address above) or have it mailed to you at an additional $2 for shipping.  If you would like the DVD mailed to you, please include your mailing address in the Comments area below.

Pay For Your DVD(s) Online:

Mail your check to:

Brattleboro Community Television
230 Main Street, Suite 201
Brattleboro, VT 05301

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