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New website opens new world

Where did the BCTV website go? Well, once we had over 2,000 videos in our fairly basic video player, things got hard to sort through. So we found a site design* that not only allows us to showcase our videos beautifully, but also allows users (like you) to log in and submit your programming online. It's not that we don't want to see you in the office, but how people make and share videos has advanced to the point where this workflow makes more sense for everyone. 

Here's a quick tour to demonstrate how this site makes it easier than ever to watch and use BCTV:

  • Video Library: This displays the most recent 100 videos, and our entire library is searchable by title, keyword (any word in any field), tag, or production date. Our previous library was only searchable by Title.
  • Online TV Schedule: Both schedules displayed at once. Series and Show names are clickable to watch online.
  • Watch Live: You can still watch both of our channels live.
  • Submit Programs: After you create an account, you as a producer can submit a new series and new shows. You'll enter the Title, Description, Tags, Participants, Related links, and everything else you used to submit with your Cablecast Request Form. Don't worry, there will be plenty of hand-holding while we all get used to it. All of the metadata you enter will help viewers find and appreciate your videos -- and will lead them to watch other videos you may have produced. (Note: you can also go in and add details about your old shows!)
  • Cover My Event: This is a way for people to request a producer or to ask BCTV how they can get an event covered.
  • Put yourself on our News or Calendar shows: Here's how you can send us a news clip or video calendar announcement, with all the information we need to help you get the word out.
  • Join and Donate online: It's easier than ever to take this important first step, and we rely more and more on your support.
  • Events Calendar: See what's going on at a glance, and register for a class or camp online.

That's all for now -- when you find a link that doesn't quite work or an unfinished page, let us know about the link and please be patient while we move from this "beta" stage to the "final" version. We'll take the ride together.

- Cor Trowbridge, Executive Director

* The site design was developed by RETN, a public access center in Burlington, VT. The site developer was First Turn New Media.